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What if you could give your older loved one the BEST?  

And it didn't require going to medical school (just some preparation!)

Marie Chan

"It was simple, easy to understand, doable, and practical. I enjoyed it and learned so much."

Adele Fu

"Isabel's approach opened my eyes to the perspectives of the loved ones who are being taken care of and encourages me to have open conversations with both my grandparents and my mom as well."

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Wren Robbins

"I LOVE the fact that Isabel is helping me think about these things BEFORE they happen..."

If you've been spending more time with Google than with your parents & older loved ones, then Prepare to Care is a MUST.

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Prepare to Care will:

  • Help you go from panicked to prepared as you care for your parent, grandparent, older relative or friend. 
  • Minimize the overall stress you'll experience as your loved one declines because you have thought ahead
  • Save you time, energy, and sanity as you learn what tasks are TIME SENSITIVE and MOST IMPORTANT
  • Offer ways to initiate conversations respectfully with your loved one
  • Equip you with tips on how to avoid family drama (and promote family peace!)
  • Give you direction so that you will experience less overwhelm and be able to cherish the time you have now with your aging family member or friend. 

Prepare to Care Digital Course features:

Over 15 short videos to guide you

As you juggle tons of things and need something to fit your busy life. Watch on your desktop or an app!

1 BONUS video just for your elder

Because sometimes it helps when someone else can initiate the conversation.

 A workbook to download or print

Since you want to learn as much as you can. Not for the grades, but to give the best to someone you love.

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Investing in someone you love is never a waste.

Four Units (packed with content worth over $300!)

  • Unit 1: Prepare to Care Basics

  • Unit 2: Three Steps to Conquering Conversations

  • Unit 3: Promote Family Peace

  • Unit 4: Discussing & Documenting Healthcare Decisions

Meet Your Instructor, Isabel.

Hi! I'm Isabel and I'm the author of The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old Will Change Your Life. My vision is to build a stronger village for every older adult.  

Throughout my life, I've had the honor to care for my paternal grandparents, Mama and Yeye, (until they passed at 98 and 102) and my dad (and his battle with cancer) until the very end.  

Professionally, I have served older adults for 15+ years. Over the years, I have worked alongside some of the most skilled and caring senior care professionals. From them, I have learned so much. 

Like you, I want the older person in your life to get the best, which is why I'm over-the-moon excited to share what I've learned from my professional and personal experience with YOU.  Hope to see you inside Prepare to Care!

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Disclaimer: While I am a healthcare professional, I am not a medical doctor. The content of this course does not constitute any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content of this course applies to caring for an older adult, yet may not pertain to every individual's situation. Always seek the advice of your loved one's medical provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your loved one's specific health. This course contains educational and informational content, but is no substitute for personalized advice or treatment from a medical professional.  

Get the support, encouragement, and insight you've been looking for. 

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