Ep 28: Steve Roberts, 79, Remembering Cokie + How Adult Children Can Support A Newly Widowed Parent

aging parents guest podcast Nov 17, 2022
Steve Roberts cokie widow

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Have you ever wondered how you can support an aging parent who is newly widowed? I had the chance to interview Steve Roberts about the loss of his wife, Cokie Roberts, who was an American journalist who just led the way for female leaders not just in journalism but in many other career paths. It really is a special conversation I have to share with you today.



  • How Steve’s two children have supported him as he grieves their mother’s death
  • Two main points. Be there in ordinary life, not just special occasions + don't be judgmental
  • How adult children can be critical of the remaining parent in particular when it comes to remarrying, moving, how they spend their time.
  • We talk the public Cokie and the private Cokie and how writing helped Steve Roberts grieve.


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