How to Find the Best Holiday Gift for Your Parent or Grandparent

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1. Get something thoughtful.


A thoughtful gift shows that:

  • You took time to think about what they appreciate or like.
  • You took time to reflect on their struggles and challenges.
  • You took time to think about what might bring them joy.

Gift idea: 

One of the hardest things about aging (according to conversations with my older friends) is having to move or downsize out of one's home because of health decline. If home is a place that your grandparent or parent loved and years of many good memories, why not commission to get a custom watercolor painting of their home?

If they have to downsize or have already downsized, this is a gift that shows you know how important their home was to them. It allows them to bring the memories along with them. 

I love Peach and Paperie's greeting cards and I was so happy I saw that Shannon Ho, the founder of Peach and Paperie makes beautiful custom watercolor paintings. See the picture above! Visit to get in touch with her and perhaps you can grab a gift certificate in time for Christmas!


2. Make it last...longer than a day or month.

You want your gift to give your loved one a warm fuzzy feeling all year long! You want it to be so awesome that in June when your parent or grandparent sees your gift, they think of you and say to themselves, "I am so loved.”

When someone is older, gifts do not have the same appeal because they have gotten tangible gifts for years. What our older loved ones will appreciate is the relationships they have with those they love. 

Gift idea: 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Silver Post. The idea is so simple, yet so genius and totally worth every penny. The Silver Post is a a perfect gift idea for those of you who are long distance, busy, parents, or just want something that will have year long impact!

The Silver Post is postcard subscription service that allows you to send postcards to your loved one so easily with photos every month.

Here is why it’s amazing and how it works: You will receive a text reminder every month asking you to reply with a few pictures and a short note. The Silver Post takes that text where you literally tap a couple pictures and write a brief note and whips up a postcard that they send for you to your parent/grandparent..whomever! And for those of you who have parents who live overseas, The Silver Post will send your postcard internationally at no extra cost!

Also, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you to use. You can get $5 off an annual subscription by using the code "ISABEL".  Head on over to and gift this. It's like 12 gifts in one!


3. Gift something that improves their everyday life.

Every single person who ages has different things they struggle with physically, different diseases, chronic conditions, medical issues, sleep issues, cognitive decline, mental health struggles, insurance problems. Here are two ways to find super practical gifts for your loved one!

  • Think of something that improves and makes their everyday life easier
  • Search "adaptive clothing" or "assistive technology" to find all the cool technology and gadgets for more ideas! 

Gift idea:

A really great place to find useful and practical gift ideas is Silverts.  They make clothing and shoes and accessories for seniors and people with disabilities so that they can dress themselves, put their shoes on themselves. 

Go to to get gift ideas for your loved ones and search by need (Alzheimer's, post-recovery, arthritis, diabetes).


4. Find something that encourages them.  


One of the best ways to honor our grandparents and parents is to remind them that they are still just as valuable at age 90 as they were at age 30! Society sends them a message that they are useless after a certain age. That's why it's our job to find as many ways as we can to remind them of their value. Over and and over and over again!

Gift idea:

Frame and gift them one of my NEW digital printable. The printable reads "Your age is a sign of your strength and something worth celebrating!!" 

Print it. Frame it. Gift it!

Go to to check out all the products I offer!

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