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Three Things Your Parent is Thinking...But May Never Tell You 

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Are you noticing that your parents are getting slower? Struggling a tad more with everyday tasks?

Have you tried to talk to them about the future but they always change the subject? 
Do they regularly drop passive comments about how you never come to visit? 
Do they joke around how you'll have to take care of them when they get "old"? 

Before you start googling, find out first what your parents are thinking and feeling.  

What's on their minds may surprise you. 

It could help you support your parent more EFFECTIVELY

It could decrease A LOT of stress. 

It could even IMPROVE your relationship.

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Because this is about FAMILY and when it comes to family, you want to love them well

Three Things Your Aging Parent is Thinking...But May Never Tell You can help you to:

  • minimize future stress 

  • decrease major misunderstandings

  • skip unnecessary family drama

  • appreciate your parent more (and help you win brownie points with them too!)

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I am a mom of littles, wife, daughter, and retired granddaughter. I'm also the author of The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old will Change Your Life. 

I have been SO blessed by the older generation from my grandparents & their friends to older adults I've served professionally. My heart is to encourage others (from grandchildren to adult children to older adults themselves) to love the older generation more.

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